Saturday, August 12, 2006

A couple of black days these past week. Days of death on the farm.

The weeds being the only things thriving in the vegetable patch this summer, it was time to take control. It took three hours to do half the garden. Lesson learned: Cheap straw is cheap for a reason and the reason is it's full of seed -- mostly ragweed & crabgrass.

It was time to harvest the garlic. Headed out with the kids and Henri's buddies, Tristan and Lucas and pulled up a thousand or two garlic bulbs. Then we cut the flowers off the stalk. Set the bulbs out to dry and then crumbled the seed out of the flowers. By the time we were done, our eyes were stinging.

After six months of agonizing and we finally bit the biscuit and killed Barney and Barney Jr. Getting woken up at 4 every morning had lost its charm and I think the neighbours were getting annoyed. Pissing your neighbours off is not something you can afford to do when you only have two. It was NOT easy catching them. Wil & I scurrying around the run with our gloves on terrorizing the chickens. There is definitely trust to be regained with the hens. Lucky for me, Wil caught both so he did the deed and left them as an offering to the foxes & coyotes in the back field.

Feeling like quite the farmer's wife these days.

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