Friday, December 04, 2009

some of this week's challenges:

  1. my god but there is not a lot of space in a VW van. I, like my sister, do not like to pack light. I like options on holiday. I like my clothes to reflect my mood and even if this means I wear the same bloody clothes ALL the time (perhaps I lack moods?), there is comfort in having chosen those same bloody clothes over "the clothes i never wear but feel compelled to pack." Imagine this dilemma fivefold and you will understand the anxieties that lurk in the piles of clothing stacked willy-nilly on any horizontal surface in the house... piles that ARE NOT TO BE DISTURBED by anyone but ME.
  2. just how magic is Santa? "Will he be able to find us in Mexico?" Yes. "How will he know where we're going to be if even we don't know where we're going to be?" He will find us. "Can he bring us presents if we don't have a chimney?" Yes. "How is he going to get in the van?" Through the tailpipe, of course. "What if he brings us a puppy?" Santa is much too practical to bring us a puppy. The one they don't ask is "How is mummy going to pack largeish presents when there isn't an inch of extra space and somehow keep them secret until Christmas morning?" Hmmmm.
  3. whatever led me to believe I could homeschool my kids? I tried to do three sets of homework and make supper while very actively PMSing — all this with NO wine! —tonight and realized I am going to lose my mind homeschooling my three children. Actually, I am going to lose my mind homeschooling one of my children and the other two are probably going to suffer along with her. Breathe in, breathe out...


Eve Love said...

this mae me laugh so much!
i love to read your adventure.

Jenny Wren said...

I have a challenge too!. I want to give you presents for Christmas when I see you off in your van. I also know that you will not have an inch of space left. Maybe something very small - very small and flat - thoughts run on. I am loving reading your updates - you write so well.

Caroline said...

Relax, your kids are young enough that if they "fall behind" for 8 weeks they will catch up. BTW if you are going through Bluegrass country again on your way down, I meant to make this recommendation back when you were asking: Ootischenia by The Be Good Tanyas. They're Canadian, but it sounds like bluegrass.

A Friend Indeed said...

No wonder we love you so much! You have a keen eye and a wonderful way with words (in addition to your other gifts,of course).
It was great to see you and the kids this afternoon, from Mission TX. The sky was blue, arms were bare, and you all looked both relaxed and happy.
To make you feel even better, it's -9 celsius here today, altho' we do have blue sky.
Skype has to be one of the great developments of the 21st century.
If you can get a baby-sitter one day, and there's a nearby movie theatre, run, don't walk, to see "Up in the Air." A brilliant piece of work. M&D.J&J, N&P.