Sunday, November 22, 2009

the countdown to Mexico begins

For those of you who don't already know, we are heading off on a family adventure on December 18th -- a road trip to and around Mexico for 2 1/2 months. Our short visit to Mexico last year sparked an idea that we just couldn't shake. We figure that
1) while the kids are small enough (physically) for us all to fit in the van,
2) while they are still somewhat interested in hanging out with their parents, and
3) while Wil & I work together and are therefore able to tailor our work schedule to accommodate a 10 week sabbatical,
we should jump at the opportunity.

We are jumping.

We've spent the last few months kitting up the VW van with all the gear (me on upholstery & curtains, Wil on all the pipes and gaskets and things that keep the van on the road as opposed to beside the road), warning the teachers about our kids' lengthy absence, finishing up all the contracts we committed to doing earlier this year, a crash course in Spanish, whipping the house into shape for the two couples who are renting it while we're away... in essence, trying to wrap up all the loose ends that make up our hectic life in Abercorn.

Part of the kids' homeschooling while we are on the road (yes, homeschooling!) will be a journal of sorts and I thought I should keep them company. As a general rule, anything I don't have a photo of is soon forgotten -- but a photo doesn't even begin to cover the smell of a well-spiced chicken sizzling at a roadside stand, the hysterical catcalls of the fans at the Lucha libre, or the indescribable joy to be found in a wax paper bag of fresh churros. Those are the memories I want to bring home with me so I'll try to write about them, on a semi-regular basis, while we're there. I'm going to post them here, to keep the memories safe in case our laptop should die or get stolen on the road and also to share it with any of you who might be interested.
¡Hasta la proxima!


Cathy Marie Buchanan said...

Between the VW van and the margeritas I am beside myself.

kelli ann & lorie said...

Elliot, Ben & Zo are going to be reading along too. Maybe we'll try to get some Spanish books so we can make your guys laugh!!! How many days until you go, again?

Caroline said...

Wow, 10 weeks, that is absolutely fantastic, Sas. I look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing your pics. Carpe Diem!

PK said...

Hey Sassy, I had some concerns this week end , but Will assured me that all is going to be fine , nudge nudge wink wink ...

enjoy the adventure .
pk xx