Friday, December 11, 2009

henri's christmas list

  1. beautiful trip to mexicofrances's drawing of the van for her teacher
  2. a couple of good movies
  3. a couple of good books
  4. a journal
  5. not to miss my friends too much
  6. not to get a bad sunburn
  7. not too much sunscreen
  8. for my life to stay like this (because it's so good)
  9. to eat good food
  10. to not eat bad food
  11. to have a comfortable bed
  12. to not get into too much trouble
  13. get some good beaches
  14. for our camping van not to break
  15. not to get dehydrated or sick
  16. something fun to do in mexico
  17. to have some surprises
  18. can't think of anything else...


Jenny Wren said...

Hi Henri, I love your list. One thing I know will come true - you will have surprises! I am having a hard time NOT buying you anything because I know there will not be much room in the van. How I would love to listen to some Mexican music and dance with you all on the beach! I can't resist that song!

Jenny Wren said...

I love your drawing of the van on the road. This time next week you will be on your way. How exciting.

sarah cobb said...

Frances made the drawing for her teacher's Christmas card.

Jenny Wren said...

Frances - that is an amazing drawing of the van. Sleep well I am just off to bed. xxx

jackie fischlin said...

Hello everyone this is Declan. I just wanted to say that I hope you have really good time in Mexico. I hope all of your 18 wishes come true!

kelli ann & lorie said...

Bon voyage! Have a wonderful trip, Henri, Alice, Frances & parents! xoxo on viendra lire vos nouvelles ici d'temps en temps.

Anonymous said...

henri - i hope you get everything on that xmas list of yours - xoxo